— The Indiana Alpaca Association Team

Stormy Acres Alpacas

Joe and Patti Hodge
2367 E. 400 N.Whiteland, IN 46184

A move , A barn, A few pastures, A lovable cute face in a magazine, A trip to Iowa, ALPACAS!!.
We have been raising these gentle animals for over 15 years, during that time we have attended many seminars and read all the available books on their care, health, training. Most of all we have learned from them. We love sharing information and helpful barn yard hints. We will be available as a resourse and support after you purchase your alpacas Joe has retired and I still work. We are wanting to downsize our herd , so we can do some traveling when I retire.
I'm also a fiber artist, and I vend at several Fiber Shows and Art Shows through out the year, marketing, alpaca roving, along with felting supplies: wet/needle, finished wet felted creations as : hats, scarves, booties, bowls, felt covered stools, chairs, metal roosters etc. I have won several 1st place ribbons for my finished products that have been entered in Fiber Competitions. I teach classes at some fiber shows and at a local church. If interested in a felting class please contact me.
Our farm focus is on conformation, fiber, easily handled animals. If you do not have a good foundation ( comformation) they can develope problems with age.The fiber is very important, It helps pay for their keep, it is the backbone for the market of the animal, we are continuing to explore and learn about the charater of the fibers, strides have been made toward global marketing, understanding the importance of educating the textile industry about our fiber. Handling, the females are handled early, at just a few days of age, the males are handled much less, all learn to allow hands on and to stand quietly. This is very important later when you will be doing herd health, also makes it much nicer for your vet and to show your animal. We promote trust, and approch through Marty MeGee's Tellington Touch teaching. We have also used Click and Reward with much success. Different animals respond to different methods.

Welcome to our farm!

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